Business owner is alleged victim of electronic transfer fraud by 27-year-old Potters woman

The co-owner of a popular downtown business reported to the St.
John’s Police Station that a known person had used his debit card
and made several unauthorized purchases online, amounting to

The offence occurred between September 12 and 31 this year.
Accordingly, a senior policeman reported that he had interviewed
the complainant and certain information had been obtained, leading
officers to question a female resident of Potters and to search her

Just past midday on Saturday, November 4, a search warrant was
executed on the premises of the 27-year-old woman in her presence.
During the search, a quantity of clothing, handbags, dish pads, and
ladies’ slippers was found and seized.

The woman was arrested on suspicion of unlawful electronic
transfer of funds, and she, along with the items seized, was taken to
the Station for investigation purposes.