Cedar Grove and Mount Pleasant will experience disruption to their regular waste-collection service, Authority advises

The National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA)
continues to experience serious issues with its waste-collection

For the second time this week, and the third time in less than two
weeks, the Authority is reporting delayed service, which, it claims, it
is working to resolve promptly. 

However, in an effort to improve its services and reliability, the
Authority is updating the residents of Cedar Grove and Mount
Pleasant that disruptions will take place.

Residents still experiencing delays or missed collection of their
residential waste should contact the National Solid Waste
Management Authority hotline number at 562-1347.

The Authority is the agency mandated to collect, transport, and
dispose of solid waste; so when it fails to do its job in a timely
manner, communities experience a pile-up of garbage, which creates
a breeding ground for vermin.