MP Watts and his supporters contend that his gesture during live broadcast was taken out of context by ALP operatives

St. George MP Algernon “Serpent ” Watts is inviting the people to be
the judge of his actions during a live Facebook video, which, his
followers say, the Antigua Labour Party (ALP) and its supporters
have taken out of context. 

In ALP circles, claims have been made that the MP made an obscene
gesture – commonly known as “flipping the bird” – during his video
broadcast, and critics have branded him as disrespectful.

On Thursday, however, Watts re-wound the footage of the live to
highlight an almost three-minute-long clip, showing the context in
which he had held up his middle finger.

At the time, Watts was addressing comments made about him by
ALP candidate Samantha Marshall and used three fingers to identify
three persons: his pinky represented Marshall, the fourth finger
represented Kelvin “Shugy ” Simon, the United Progressive

Party candidate for St. Mary’s South, and the middle finger identified
Watts, himself.

In the narrative, Watts tells Marshall to focus her attention on St.
Mary’s South and Simon, her political rival – rather than attempting
to trifle with him.

Marshall reportedly has denied that the comments she made were
directed at Watts, but his supporters have said they do not believe

Having seen the video, one woman’s response is that, “to the pure all
things are pure … . He showed three fingers, representing three S’s.”
Meanwhile, the St. George MP says the work now taking place at the
Cades Bay Pineapple Farm should have been undertaken nine years
ago and not on the cusp of a by-election.