Current water crisis is the worst experienced despite increased number of desalination plants, UPP Leader says

Never in this country’s history have the people experienced the sort of water problems they are going through under the Browne Administration – not even during the drought of the mid 60’s, says Harold Lovell.

Back then, there was less water production, since there were no desalination plants, and yet the people had it much better, the United Progressive Party Political Leader says.

He says the country has regressed, even as the Browne Administration is boasting about the number of reverse osmosis plants now in operation.

Meanwhile, the Cabinet has kept its promise to invite the country’s Water Manager to provide weekly updates, and he reportedly said that APUA is producing nearly eight million gallons of water a day.

However, the Executive says this is still not sufficient because of the worsening drought. 

According to the Cabinet, “More and more households are taking the opportunity to fill their tanks, cisterns and drums with APUA water as the drought worsens, the rainfall disappears, and storage systems go empty.”

The Government says that increasing the supply is a challenge, given that demand has grown based on additional home construction and higher hotel occupancy as the summer months approach.

Accordingly, the Cabinet continues to encourage residents to conserve and limit the use of this resource.

In the meantime, the Executive says the issue of sabotage arose after it learned that 52 valves are turned on or off every day in order to direct water flow to the respective communities. 

It notes that a crew is dispatched daily in order to determine when, where and for how long the water will flow, according to the schedule put out daily by APUA.