Daughter of ailing Point resident calls out Browne Administration for failing to compensate her dad for demolished properties

The daughter of a seriously ill Point resident is appealing to the Government and its relevant agencies to pay her father what is owed to him so that he can meet his mounting medical and living expenses.

The woman says her father fell ill in July 2022 and spent quite some time in the hospital.  Given the severity of his illness, she says in an open letter, he requires 24-hour care and lots of therapy to regain at least 70% of his physical faculties,

Prior to the well-known Point resident falling ill, the woman claims that the Gaston Browne-led Administration approached him a number of times about demolishing eight structures he owned in Booby Alley. 

The man reportedly resisted, but subsequently advised that the authorities deal with his daughter, since, reportedly, he wanted absolutely nothing to do with the administration or its development of the area.

As she was given power of attorney, the daughter says she authorized the Government to demolish the houses, including the one in which her father had lived before his illness.  

Allegedly, the Government requested 60 days in which to transact full payment for the properties, and this period would have ended on December 12, 2022.   

However, the woman says, more than 120 days have passed and no payment has been received; at the same time, her father’s medical expenses continue to overwhelm her.

As a result, she says she has reached out to the parties responsible for the settlement, including the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Public Works and senior Crown counsels – but in vain.  

At the end of February this year, the woman writes, she reached out to Prime Minister Browne, who has been championing the Booby Alley project, asking that he intervene in this particular situation.

However, she claims, he did not respond, and the matter has not been treated with any form of urgency or seriousness.

At this time, she has exhausted all options and says she does not believe she should have to beg or run behind any politician on account of her father’s health and bills.

The woman believes that the disregard for her father is a deliberate act of spite, and she is calling for an end to the situation and the payment that he is due, so she can offset his medical expenses.

Many residents are crying shame on the Government for the treatment of a man who not only was a resident of the prime minister’s constituency, but is now elderly and sick.  Is this an example of the Administration’s “next-level caring” one disgusted person asks.