Petition calling for public inquiry into Antigua Airways and related matters is gaining traction, Quinn-Williams reports

The petition calling for a public inquiry into the Antigua Airways/West African refugee saga has been gaining traction since it was launched by the United Progressive Party (UPP) on February 22, says Pearl Quinn-Williams, one of the Party’s champions on the matter.

In an effort to clear up some misconceptions about the petition, Quinn-Williams explains that it is not her personal venture, but that of the Party on behalf of the citizens who are concerned about the matter.

She notes that all the constituency branches have physical paper copies of the petition so that interested persons can affix their signature.

Residents may also contact the UPP parliamentarians or caretakers, as well as branch chairpersons to learn where they can sign the document.

According to Quinn-Williams, she has been doing the work in St. John’s Rural North to get the petitions assigned to her completed.  This initiative, she reports, has been going very well as she goes house to house.

The UPP Rural North caretaker says that many persons have expressed an interest in signing the petition and she is also encouraged by the calls she has received from persons inquiring about the location of the document.

Accordingly, Quinn-Williams says she is confident the Party will reach its goal of 10,000 signatures.

Meanwhile, the Party has succeeded in launching the petition online through, since many nationals in the Diaspora have expressed an interest in supporting it.

Party officials have said this matter will not be another case of “nine-days talk,” but has an objective – a public inquiry – that will be advanced with residents’ support.

Accordingly, Quinn-Williams says, no official cut-off date for the petition has been established.