Fire in Yorks Village destroys dwelling house and grocery shop in the early hours of Thursday morning; no personal injuries

Two houses and a village shop in Yorks were destroyed by fire

in the early hours of this morning, Thursday, February 23.

Reports say that, on arrival, firefighters met a 22’ x 32’ wooden house and a 30’ x 30’ grocery shop engulfed in flames.

The blaze was extinguished by officers from the St. John’s Fire Station, with assistance from the All Saints Fire Station.

Further reports say the house was owned and occupied by 90-year-old Malcom Isaac, while the grocery shop, AEC Enterprise, is owned and operated by his nephew, Alexander Crawford.

Inspector Lester Bagot, spokesperson for the Fire Department, relates the details of the incident.

Allegations are that Crawford secured his business place at about 9:30 p.m. and later received a call – sometime after 2 a.m. – that his business place, along with his uncle’s house, was on fire.

Isaac was interviewed by the firemen. He reportedly told them he had been asleep when the fire broke out and was awakened by his neighbors, who rescued him from the burning house.

Fire officials say that electricity was attached to both structures, which were completely destroyed; however, they were not insured.  There were no personal injuries.

The cause of the fire is presently unknown, but under investigation.