Wednesday’s haul nets 114 lbs of marijuana, valued at almost $700,000, police reports say

Within the space of 72 hours, law-enforcement agencies have seized several quantities of marijuana in their drive to stop illicit drugs from hitting the streets of Antigua and Barbuda.,

The most recent seizure, at the airport, netted 114 pounds of marijuana, with an estimated value of over a half-million dollars.

Reports are that on Wednesday, February 22, the Police and Customs officers carried out a search at the V. C. Bird International Airport Cargo Transit Shed and found two E-containers and a cardboard box that contained this sizeable amount of the substance.

The controlled substance has an estimated street value of $684,000.

Wednesday’s seizure, according to the Police, takes the total amount of cannabis seized for the week to 131 pounds, with an estimated value of $786,000.