Watts responds to Jonas’ criticism during Thursday’s debate, saying he can hold his own in both politics and his profession

Algernon “Serpent” Watts, the United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate for St. George, is defending himself against attacks and refuting lies reportedly uttered by MP Dean Jonas, the Antigua Labour Party (ALP) incumbent.

During an event staged by the National Youth Parliament last Thursday night, August 18, Jonas criticized Watts’ qualifications, sneering that he has put himself forward for public office when he does not have a tertiary degree.

However, Watts says that Jonas has no advantage on him, since he can stand against him in his profession, while the government minister cannot do the same against him in his field.

Meanwhile, Watts is commending the Youth Parliament for organizing the event, but says he did not realize he was to take part in a debate until he got to the venue.

Despite this, the UPP Candidate says he did not shy away from taking part in the debate – given that he had been the first person to call for such an event a few election cycles ago.

He adds, however, that Jonas is alleged to have been the force behind Thursday night’s event. 

Kelton Dalso, the Democratic National Alliance Candidate (DNA), who was the third debater, also has accused Jonas of making untruthful remarks.

Jonas credited the ALP Administration with helping Dalso – via a scholarship – to acquire a law degree, a claim the DNA candidate strongly denies, saying funding for his studies came through his family and personal means.

Dalso also decried Jonas’ attack on Watts.