Misplaced keys force Public Works to break in doors of Knuckleblock building to allow court to be convened today

The Ministry of Public Works reportedly was forced to break into
the Knuckle Block building this morning, Tuesday, August 29, as the
staff, attorneys, and persons with matters before the St. John’s
Magistrates’ Court were locked out.

Reports say the staff showed up for work only to discover that the
entrance door was locked – because the keys, allegedly, could not be
located. Hence, they had no choice but to congregate outside for
some time before the building was opened.

A source says that men from the Ministry of Works were sent to the
location, where they broke a double wooden door for the staff to get
in and for court to be convened.

This is not the first time such an incident has taken place, an
attorney tells REAL News. Some staff say it has become the norm
since, reportedly, the keys were taken back from the police officer
who used to open the building to allow the cleaners to do their jobs.
However, this is the first time that force has had to be used to gain

A source says that Acting Chief Magistrate Dexter Wason did not
stick around for the court to be opened, but left before the men from
Public Works arrived.

Reportedly, only one magistrate worked after that: Dane Hamilton
Jr., who is a Civil Court magistrate. Hamilton had to deal with two
new criminal matters, before he attempted to clear his civil court list
for the day.

Questions are being raised about why the keys to the Chinese-
constructed facility keep going missing.

A source says she would not be surprised if someone breaks into the
Knuckle Block court, since custody of the keys seems to be
constantly changing, and it is just a matter of time before duplicate
copies are made.

Questions are also being raised about why the Ministry of Works
had to break in the doors when it should be in possession of spare

It is unclear up to this time if the keys have been found and how the
building will be properly secured at the close of the business day,