Firemen report being unable to save three houses as all are completely destroyed in Monday blazes of unknown origin

Officials are investigating the causes of three house fires that
occurred on Monday, June 26, over a 12-hour period.

Fire fighters from the St. John’s Station were deployed to the scene
of a house fire in Tinning Village after 6 a.m. that day.
Two engines – appliances No. 10 and No. 15 – rushed to the location,
where two structures, measuring 10’×16’ and 21’ × 26’ were ablaze.
They were completely destroyed by the fire.

Reports say the unoccupied houses, reportedly owned by the Perry
family, had no electricity attached.

Further reports say the Police interviewed Nyron Batchelor, alias
“Kawansah,” who told them that he is currently homeless and would
sleep on the gallery of one house at night. 

On Monday morning, Batchelor said, he was awakened by a heat on
his skin. Accordingly, he roused himself and observed that the
house was on fire. 

The origin of the blaze, officials say, is not yet known.
Meanwhile, an anonymous caller telephoned the Grays Farm Police
Station at about 10 p.m. that night and reported that an abandoned
Nut Grove house was on fire. 

When officers visited the scene, they met appliances No. 15 and No.
10, from the St. John’s Fire Station, attempting to extinguish the

A 24’ x 28’ abandoned wooden structure was completely engulfed in
flames, with the firefighters being unable to save it from complete

No one was injured during the fire and there was nothing of value in
the house, the Police say.  Further, there was no electricity attached
to the building; hence, the cause of the fire is currently unknown.

Reportedly, the structure had been owned by one Christina
Benjamin of Nut Grove who is now deceased.