UPP confirms Kelvin ‘Shugy’ Simon as its replacement candidate for St. Mary’s South

By overwhelming majority, the General Council of the United Progressive Party (UPP) has confirmed Kelvin “Shugy” Simon as its new candidate for the St. Mary’s South Constituency. 

On Sunday night, August 21, the Council ratified decisions taken by the Party’s Executive Committee earlier this month, retiring previous candidate Corthwright Marshall out of concern for his health and recommending Simon, who emerged the front-runner in its constituency polls.

Simon, in a brief acceptance speech, indicated that his interest in politics was sparked since 2004.  He said he is humbled by his selection as a Candidate for the UPP, the Party he has long admired, and, accordingly, is inspired and motivated to get his campaign going.

A professional guidance counselor, Simon is a former national athlete and an entrepreneur whose roots are firmly established in the community of St. Mary’s South.

Described as “a charismatic community organizer,” he believes that great leaders are honed by serving the needs of the people. 

Accordingly, he is the co-founder of “Project Bolans,” a group formed out of love for the community and the desire to see it move in a positive direction.

Political Leader Harold Lovell says that “Simon is ready to roll up his sleeves and do the hard work that is needed in St. Mary’s South.  He is determined to help tackle the neglect of the young people, the spiralling cost of living, and the other challenges that are making life tough – not only for his constituents, but for too many Antiguans and Barbudans.” 

Lovell adds that he and his colleagues welcome Simon to the slate, and the Party will be putting out its best efforts to ensure that he covers the most ground in the shortest possible time.

Meanwhile, the UPP salutes Brother Marshall for the sterling work he has done in the constituency these many years, and it reiterates its pledge to support him on his journey to recovery and good health. 

With skill sets across various disciplines, including law, tourism, economics and agriculture, Marshall is earmarked to play a major role in the UPP Administration, the Political Leader says.