Quinn-Williams invites public to UPP Rural North Branch’s charity walk, aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles

The United Progressive Party’s Rural North Branch, in collaboration with Janet and David Carlisle, is inviting the public to a charity health walk this Sunday, March 20.

Pearl Quinn-Williams, the Party’s candidate for that constituency, says the event is not a competition, but a means of getting residents interested in healthy lifestyles.

Quinn-Williams says that walkers will assemble at 5 a.m. on the Cedar Grove Main Road in the vicinity of the primary school, then drive to Crosbies to the Carlisles’ home.

They will be able to park their vehicles on a vacant lot nearby, before proceeding down to the Blue Waters Hotel area and hitting the hike route.

The UPP Candidate says she is looking forward to seeing many people come out to support the event, which costs $20, payable on the morning of the walk.