Motorcyclist dies in collision in Bethesda, while motorist escapes serious injury in Cedar Valley

A family today is in mourning following the death of a young man in Bethesda on Sunday afternoon, March 20.

Reports say the man – Shane Welcome of Golden Grove – was riding a motorcycle when he lost control of the bike and slammed into a light pole at about 5:30 p.m.

Videos in circulation show two women apparently administering emergency aid to the young man; but he is reported to have died on the scene from injuries sustained on impact.

Other videos show Welcome, aged 32, among a group of bikers who had ridden from St. John’s and had been seen in the Falmouth area about 30 minutes before the fatal accident.

The Traffic Department is now conducting inquiries into what is the country’s fourth road fatality this year.

Several serious collisions have been recorded across the island these past several months.

Three sisters were involved in a traffic accident just over a week ago, and only this weekend a man escaped serious injury after the white Toyota Mark X he was driving, R3002, ran into a property on the Cedar Valley Main Road.

The fence was damaged, along with a concrete structure that held the meter box and other electrical wires.

The front portion, on both sides of the vehicle, were damaged, with the wheel on the front passenger side twisted. Both airbags were deployed as a result of the impact.

The Police are investigating that incident, as well.