Senator Joseph says St. Mary’s North is falling apart under Sir Molwyn’s stewardship and accuses him of hoarding water tanks

Senator Johnathan Joseph says everything in the St. Mary’s North constituency is falling apart under the incumbent Labour Party candidate, Sir Molwyn Joseph, whom he accuses of treating residents with disdain.

Speaking about the Government’s current water-tank initiative, Joseph – the United Progressive Party’s Candidate for the area – claims that Sir Molwyn, unlike his parliamentary colleagues, has not given out a single tank, to date.

Rather, he alleges, the tanks are being stored at the Minister’s residence.

Senator Joseph claims that this is not the first time Sir Molwyn has refused to distribute items to his constituents.

Meanwhile, the Senator says his political opponent is attempting to undertake some projects in the constituency. And these are being undertaken, Joseph says, to get mileage for the upcoming general elections.

Notwithstanding the motive, Senator Joseph says that residents are giving him the credit, since he has put pressure on Sir Molwyn by speaking out.

Sir Molwyn is the Minister of Health and is responsible for the agency charged with the collection of refuse.

However, the UPP Candidate says garbage collection in the constituency – especially in Bendals – remains a challenge, and the clinics, too, are a matter of concern and frustration for him.

Senator Joseph says the country’s healthcare system is in a crisis under Sir Molwyn and adds that “everything he touches crumbles.”