UPP reports that Bolans ‘Pull-up’ was a success and patrons felt the love, despite unavoidable absence of candidate ‘Shugy’

The United Progressive Party (UPP) has hosted another successful
“Small Business Pull-up” in St. Mary’s South – despite the absence of
its candidate, Kelvin “Shugy ” Simon. 

On Saturday, July 15, Simon was scheduled to lead the procession to
several small businesses in the Bolans community, but he was
unavoidably absent due to the cancellation of his flight home. 
Nevertheless, those who supported the venture say they felt the love
in his hometown.

Simon, who was disappointed that he was unable to make it back in
time for the initiative, sent words of appreciation to the business
owners and the patrons, as well. 

He notes that the “Small Business Pull-up ” gives micro, small, and
medium-sized businesses an opportunity to showcase their
offerings and create lasting connections inside and outside of the

While the supporters and business owners missed having the
candidate present, the UPP ensured that the Pull-up in Bolans was
well executed. 

Quite a number of enterprises received the Party’s support during
the caravan – an initiative that was introduced by the UPP, last year,
in the lead-up to the General Election. It is intended to help small
businesses in communities across the country to thrive.

According to the Party, wealth is not measured by what persons
have in their pockets, but by how the growth of the community is

Former Political Leader Harold Lovell was in attendance and noted
that “there is tremendous potential for developing community-
based tourism as a new niche.”

This will be possible by positioning small businesses to showcase
their culinary offerings and other traditions, he says, in order to
differentiate the tourism product.