NODS confirms that changes by Google are affecting residents’ ability to download alerting App to their smart phones

Midcie Francis, public relations officer at the National Office of
Disaster Services (NODS), has confirmed that some residents are
having difficulty in downloading its official alert system: the App
known as the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP).

The App was created as a means to warn the Nation about a pending
disaster – alerting persons with a smart phone – so that preemptive
measures can be taken to save lives. 

However, Francis says that some people attempting to download the
App are facing challenges based on changes made by Google.
Accordingly, she says that NODS has been in communication with its
overseas technicians, and they have confirmed that these recent
changes will affect the downloading of the App at this time.

In the meantime, the PRO says that NODS is working feverishly on
rectifying this situation. While she could not give a precise date for
its completion, she is hoping that it will be rectified very soon. 
Meanwhile, Francis advises those who are able get the App
downloaded to do so, especially during this hurricane season.