Today is World Consumer Rights Day, with banks and credit unions placing the focus on digital finance

Antigua and Barbuda is joining the rest of the world today, March 15, to observe World Consumer Rights Day, with a focus on digital finance.

The Press Information Officer at the Prices and Consumer Affairs Division, Joanne Peters, says the Division has published a newsletter that highlights this year’s theme and the benefits of digital finance.

An article from the Antigua and Barbuda Bankers Association speaks to moving from cash to bit (coin), taking into account how financial institutions evolved from traditional banking to meet the public’s demands during the pandemic.

Other financial institutions making a contribution to the newsletter are the credit unions, which also address digital finance.

Peters says that another highlight of the newsletter is the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank’s (ECCB) Dcash pilot project, since we are the first monetary union in the world to use a Central Bank Digital Currency – of which we ought to be proud.

Meanwhile, the Division’s second public forum on digital currency was held today, via the Zoom platform, from 10 a.m. to noon. An ECCB team made presentations during this forum.