Simon asks Sir Gerald to reconsider resignation and says requiring him to resign from the UPP is a political imposition

Kelvin “Shugy” Simon, the former MP for St. Mary’s South, has
responded to Sir Gerald Watt, KC, requesting that the House Speaker
reconsider his position of refusing to accept the resignation he
tendered on June 7.

Simon tells REAL News that his letter was personally hand-
delivered, today, June 14, to the Clerk of Parliament, with copies
taken to the Office of the Prime Minister and the Office of the

As witness, he says, St. George MP Algernon Watts accompanied him
to all three stops.

In reply to Sir Gerald’s undated letter, which Simon received on
Monday, June 12, the former MP notes that he resigned in
accordance with the procedures detailed in Section 125(1)(b) of the
Constitution of Antigua and Barbuda.

Further, he writes, “this letter of resignation took effect when it was
received by you.”

Directly addressing Watt’s stated reasons for rejecting his letter of
resignation, Simon says, “I respectfully submit that paragraph
41(1)(e) does not apply to my situation. I can see nothing in Section
125 that is subject to the provisions of Section 41(1)(e).”

Going further, Simon also accuses the House Speaker of imposing
upon him a political requirement to resign and withdraw his
allegiance from the United Progressive Party – which, he notes, is
not required under Section 125.

Meanwhile, Simon says he remains in good spirits and confident
that, if the matter goes further, he will prevail. His legal team, he
says, is prepared – and preparing – to defend his position in the