Second teenaged suspect in Stapleton Lane incident is arrested and charged with robbery

Police have now arrested and jointly charged the two teenagers who
allegedly were involved in the shooting and robbery of a Yorks
Village man on the compound of St. Joseph’s Academy. 

Reports say that officers have jointly charged a 16-year-old Paynters
resident and his 17-year-old accomplice of Villa for robbery.
The older teen, who faces a separate charge of shooting with intent
to cause grievous bodily harm, was picked up late last week.

Meanwhile, the 16-year-old was taken into custody on Sunday, June
11, after a search warrant was executed at his home. He was taken
into custody on suspicion of aggravated robbery, and the Police also
retrieved several articles of clothing. 

The two allegedly robbed Shane Anthony of $120 in cash and his
Alcatel cell phone during the incident.

After their demands were met, Anthony attempted to knock from
their hands the flare guns with which they were threatening him.
But one of the weapons was discharged, injuring him to the face.
Luckily, Anthony’s injuries were not serious and he has since
returned to work. 

These offenses – which occurred two Sundays ago, on June 4, at
Stapleton Lane – were caught on CCTV footage at the school. 
In other news, intruders were out in a local community, managing to
break into one apartment but being unsuccessful in their attempt to
enter another.

The Police are now investigating the incidents, one of which was
reported to the Criminal Investigations Department by an
anonymous caller.

Reportedly, the caller told officers that a break-in was in progress at
a residence on St. George’s Street.
Apparently, the perpetrator had tampered with a western window
by using a hard implement to pry it open. After that, he inserted a
hand to unlock and push up the window to gain entry.

Reports say the owner of the apartment is currently off island, but
the place is being looked after by her daughter, who confirmed that
nothing had been stolen from the home.

However, after this break-in, the intruder also attempted to enter an
adjacent apartment owned by a Potters woman; but he was not

This offence reportedly occurred at about 10:10 a.m. on June 11.