UPP Chair says Party is stepping up by-election campaign and will seek confirmation of 120-day Constitution timeline

The United Progressive Party (UPP) is stepping up its campaign
efforts in the St. Mary’s South constituency as it awaits the date for
the by-election there.

Former MP Kelvin “Shugy” Simon tendered his resignation from the
House of Representatives on June 7, triggering a by-election, which
must be held within the next 83 days, according to the Constitution.

In the meantime, UPP Chairman D.Gisele Isaac says the Party
continues its campaign in the constituency, with this Saturday, July
15, seeing the second round of the “Small Business Pull-up,” this
time in Bolans. In addition, she says there are several other events
planned for the lead-up to the by-election.

Meanwhile, rumours that the Antigua and Barbuda Electoral
Commission (ABEC), the body charged with conducting elections, is
excluding weekends and public holidays from the 120-day count
have been refuted by ABEC officials. 

Isaac says that sources within ABEC had said the Commission is
hoping to run the election clock down into November. If that is so,
she says, that will be a problem for the Party.

Therefore, she says the UPP will be seeking from ABEC, in writing,
confirmation that the constitutional timeframe will be observed in
order to avoid any further confusion or ambiguity.