Passport Office rumoured to have run out of passports, sparking questions about the health of the CIP and its finances

As rumours emerge that the Passport Office has run out of
passports, concerns are being raised – again – about the tabling, in
Parliament, of audited accounts for the Citizenship by Investment
Programme (CIP).

REAL News correspondent George Wehner has been following this
story and reports that many are questions are being raised
–including how the programme has been doing and whether there
are consistent applications.

If the Office has run out of passports, Wehner reasons, then it
appears the programme is doing well.

He reports that a batch of the travel documents recently was
ordered from Canada, and this has resulted in staff having to work
on weekends to clear backlogs. 

Sources are now wondering why officials waited until the Passport
Office ran out of the document before ordering new stock and asking
who is managing the inventory.

Harking back to the case in which bio pages were reportedly stolen
from the Queen Elizabeth Highway office, Wehner says he expected
the authorities to have learned from that incident and monitored the
passports more closely.