Saying the country is running well and crime is on the decrease does not make it true, Smith tells the Browne Administration

In spite of ongoing boasts by the Gaston Browne Administration, MP
Anthony Smith says that, at present, there is nothing good about
Antigua and Barbuda’s state of affairs.
When residents consider what is taking place in the economy, he
says, it is clear that nothing good is taking place.

This can also be said about the state of crime; about the cost of
living, which is still “sky high,” with the people having an extremely
difficult time; and about the healthcare system, which is at an all-
time low, Smith laments.

Speaking specifically to the economy, the MP notes that the
Government’s coffers have practically dried up. And although it has
been able to meet its monthly payroll, Smith points out that there is
much more to running a country than being able to pay workers.

He makes it clear that he is extremely happy with workers being
able to get their salaries; however, he says, quite a number of
private contractors have not been paid, and the Administration
owes other businesspeople for rent.
When the Government fails to pay people what they are owed, Smith
says, it creates a situation in which much less money is circulated
through the economy by these persons.
Meanwhile, Smith says the crime situation – especially with regard
to the youth – is not being addressed properly.
The MP agrees with the doctrine that it takes a village to raise a
child and that parents are responsible for what their children do.
However, he says, the Government – which is responsible for law
and order – should accept some blame for the recent increase in
crime among young people.
The All Saints West MP notes that saying the country is running well
and that crime is on a decrease does not make it true. Because when
residents truly examine the situation and take heed of the daily
news reports, they can see otherwise, he says.

To bolster his argument, Smith points to the record-breaking
robberies, the shootings, and the three recent murders that took
place in just over a week’s time.