Police brass reportedly shamefaced as they admit to Cabinet they have no plans for combating spike in gun crimes

As a result of the brazen daylight crimes overtaking the island, the Gaston
Browne Cabinet invited the senior members of the country’s law-enforcement
agencies to its meeting on Wednesday, May 8, sources say.

Reportedly, among those invited were Commissioner of Police Atlee Rodney,
his two deputies, and four assistant commissioners; the chief of defence staff;
and the head of the Office of National Drug Control and Money-Laundering
Prevention (ONDCP).

Sources allege there was some degree of surprise at the inclusion of the two
senior members of the Prime Minister’s Security Detail, as well.
Reportedly, the police officials were called upon to detail the Force’s plans to
counteract the rising incidence of daylight crimes involving the use of

The sources claim the Executive was shocked when the Police reported that
these crimes were being committed by juveniles – including the Labour Day
robbery at Pita Pocket on Popeshead Street.

However, the sources also allege that these senior officers could provide no
meaningful answers to the problem, nor any solutions for moving forward.
The sources claim the Cabinet was particularly taken aback by the relative
silence of the head of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) on these

Immediately after the law-enforcement officers were dismissed, the sources
allege that questions were raised about the presence of Prime Minister
Browne’s security detail at the meeting, since these officers are not actively
involved in crime fighting.

The sources are hinting heavily that changes in the police hierarchy are likely
to be made shortly.