The court has set a committal date for the former Cabinet member accused of serious crimes.
Michael Browne appeared in the All Saints Magistrates Court today, March 24, and Magistrate Ngaio Emanuel-Edwards set April 28 as the date for committal proceedings.
The Magistrate will have to determine whether the Police, based on the evidence, have established a prima facie case to have the matter tried in the High Court before a judge and jury.
Ahead of that court appearance, the former Government Minister’s legal team has requested from the Director of Public Prosecutions all information relevant to the matter.
Allegations were made against Browne last year by a young woman reportedly aged 22 years. The alleged victim claims that a serious incident took place on October 13, 2020, while she was in Browne’s vehicle, in the eastern part of the island.
Reports are that the woman has given the police an eight-page statement, inclusive of messages she and the former minister shared, about the alleged incident.

Attorney Wendel Robinson, who was removed from his former position as Commissioner of Police under the current Administration, is reportedly representing the young woman.

After charges were laid against Browne, he was relieved of his ministerial duties and suspended from the Cabinet. However, he continues to attend sittings of Parliament.

He remains on bail, with one of the conditions being that he report to the All Saints Police Station three times a week.

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