Another political move to take down Asot Michael

LETTER to the Editor:
Another political move to take down Asot Michael
by Police Officer

This latest story making the rounds about a disagreement between
Asot Michael and a police officer at a Carnival fete is really
something else. Pure vindictive, petty politics, if you ask me.

Carnival used to be a time that we all enjoy ourselves as Antiguans
and Barbudans. Traditionally, we would put party politics aside and
join together as one, enjoying the sun, the music and other

Unfortunately, this is not so now for Asot Michael, who, once again,
has become the red-nosed deer in the headlights of the Gaston
Browne-led Antigua Labour Party Administration. Boy, is that Red
Machine steering to run him down and over. He cannot avoid them,
like we cannot avoid the potholes in our roads.

Asot Michael, in his usual jovial manner (which is at times
uncomfortable for some) attended the Rise Fete on the morning of
the 6th August 2023. He was joking around with some police
officers, apparently – some known to him and some clearly not
appreciative of his gestures of friendship.

He apparently went to touch a female officer on her face (cheek), but
she pulled away and expressed her strong disgust at him. Some say
he actually touched her cheek; some say he was not able to as she
pulled away. But bear in mind this is a touch – not a grab.

Having been spoken to by a senior officer on duty, Mr. Michael found
it appropriate to go to the officer to apologize; and, whilst doing so,

Mr. Michael was assaulted by a male police officer, causing extensive
injury to his right hand.

That officer … threatened to beat up Mr. Michael. He tried to slap Mr.
Michael, but other officers intervened. Michael had offered no
resistance whatsoever to either the female officer who refused his
greeting, the senior officer who spoke to him, or the young officer
who injured his arm and tried to slap him.

Is it not wrong for that [male] officer … to get involved if [the female
officer] complained she was touched? Should he not have simply
reported to the numerous senior officers that were present instead
of trying to beat up and arrest Mr. Michael on the basis of what [the
female] said? Is that how it works now?

The obviously politically motivated female officer is now making
allegations of clothes being pulled down or blouse being opened and
touching inappropriately. Were these in her report? Are these things
true or is someone looking for something? Who is now driving that
Big Red Machine that is attempting, yet again, to Run Down Asot

Boy, Asot, best you just tap home for Carnival 2024. Mind how you