Traffic Head reminds vehicle owners that full tinting of front windscreen is illegal without Commissioner’s permission

Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Rodney Ellis is reminding vehicle owners that the full tinting of windscreens is illegal and will not be tolerated by the Traffic Department.

According to the Traffic Department Head, the law states that the protective coating should not be longer than six inches on the front windscreen, and tinting more than a quarter of it requires permission from the Commissioner of Police.

Ellis says that motorists who break the law will have their vehicles impounded and then taken back to the Motor Pool for re-inspection.

While full windscreen tinting is permitted at the discretion of the Commissioner, Ellis believes that most of the reasons given for the request were not sufficient for this exemption.   He adds that he does not agree with anyone, at all, being allowed to tint  the entire front windscreen.

Meanwhile, Ellis says that persons caught with illegal tint will have to pay a penalty of $150.