Confrontation between householder and known thief results in both men being wounded and treated at the hospital

The Police are investigating two incidents of wounding involving a known offender and a Hispanic man.

Reports say the two were involved in an altercation after the Hispanic man, a Villa resident, met the other man, who has previous convictions for larceny, coming out his yard.

As a result of the confrontation, the convict used a machete to inflict a number of chops to the body of the home-owner, who had to be transported to the hospital by the Emergency Medical Service (EMS).

When the Police visited the home of the trespasser, who also lives in Villa, they met him lying in bed with a bleeding wound to his forehead.  Reports are that he told the officers the wound had been inflicted by the Hispanic man with a stone.

The lawmen then transported him to the hospital, where they encountered the other wounded man in the Emergency Room, with bandaged wounds to the left side of his head, his left arm and middle finger.

It is alleged that an anonymous caller telephoned the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) and reported that there had been a wounding incident in Villa.  The offences occurred at about 2 p.m. on October 4.