Man reports baby’s mother after child is injured in fall; police investigate possible endangerment

A case of child endangerment involving a baby is being investigated
by the Police.

According to a source, a Browne’s Avenue man reported the mother
of his child to the Police following an incident in which the seven-
month-old infant was injured.

Reports say the man went to the Grays Farm Police Station and
complained that the mother of his son – his namesake – had left the
baby unattended and he had fallen from a porch and been injured.
The child reportedly received a cut over his left eye that required
sutures to close.

This incident is said to have occurred at the home of the Green Bay
Hill woman, at about 5:30 p.m. on 12 January. However, the
complaint was made only this week.

When the father of the child was notified of the incident, he went to
the hospital on the day in question and, according to the source,
noted that his son had a bleeding wound over his left eye.

Allegedly, the mother informed him that another child, a two year
old, had opened the gate to the porch and the baby had fallen out
and injured his face.

Further reports say the infant received two sutures to close the
wound and was kept at the hospital for two days for observation.
It is alleged that the baby was discharged, but had to be taken back
to the hospital on January 20 because the wound kept bleeding.

Reportedly, the child was in a stable condition; but doctors
determined that some blood tests need to be done and he was kept
for further observation.

As a result of this incident, the Family and Social Services
Department was contacted to inquire further into the matter.