Video that shows confrontation between cops and visitors sparks concerns about training and negative impact on tourism

A viral video showing what some are calling “police brutality” to visitors is causing some concern to residents, while the authorities remain tight-lipped about the incident.

However, the police have confirmed that, as a result of a public brawl at the V.C. Bird International Airport on Wednesday afternoon, two persons have been detained and are assisting with investigations.

The video shows a number of uniformed and plain-clothes officers attempting to detain three visitors, who appear to be resisting.  It captures the lawmen’s struggle to get the situation under control, with at least one person having to be restrained on the ground.

Two women, dressed in black, with their heads covered and a young man were involved in the altercation.  Eventually, after they were confronted by the police officers, the male was detained, handcuffed, and led away from the immediate area.

As a female officer is handling one of the women, onlookers are heard in the video expressing concern about the situation and protesting that she is just a young girl.

Unconfirmed reports claim that the visitors had caused damage to the place where they had been staying – and were trying to leave the country before the matter could be dealt with.  Therefore, sources say, the Police had been called in to detain them.

Having viewed the video, some residents are expressing concern that police officers need training to deal with certain volatile situations.

Some believe that – even if the visitors were wrong – the incident at the airport could negatively affect Antigua and Barbuda, whose GDP is heavily dependent on tourist arrivals.

The Police have confirmed that investigations into the incident are ongoing and that no details will be disclosed, at this time, to the public.