Prison bus reportedly without a door is said to create security risks during runs to Magistrates Court

There are reports that the vehicle used by the Police to transport
inmates between His Majesty’s Prison and the Magistrates’ Court is
without a door.
A source tells REAL News the door of the prison bus reportedly has
fallen off, thus creating some concerns about security and the risk of
prisoners escaping while being transported to or from the Court.
Apparently, the source adds, the air-conditioning in the bus is also
not working, and it is risky to have the windows down when the
vehicle is filled with prisoners.

Commenting on the report about the defective bus, an employee in
the justice sector asks: “Does anything in the government system

Another person, a teacher, notes that if an inmate “takes off, he can’t
be charged with ‘escaping custody’ from a wide-open vehicle.”
Yet another resident says it is clear that the Prison has “an open-
door policy.”