Price of gov’t land is above struggling people’s pockets, so his opponent’s boast about distribution is laughable, Shugy says

The price of government lands, in recent times, has become very
expensive, and this is a matter of concern to Kelvin “Shugy”
Simon, the United Progressive Party (UPP) candidate for St. Mary’s

Simon recalls instances in which struggling residents were advised
that acquiring a piece of Crown land would cost them $60,000. And,
in his estimation, that sum is too high.

He also notes that his political opponent, Senator Samantha
Marshall, has bragged about the distribution of St. Mary’s South
lands to constituents – and he refers to her boast as laughable.

Simon says that a few people managed to come up with the money
for the land, but the majority could not meet that threshold.
Accordingly, he says that Marshall should stop seeking to deceive
the people of this country about her performance.