Prevention being better than regret, Fire Department corporal issues safety tips to households and business places

On the heels of a fire that destroyed a popular fish eatery in Yorks
Village on Tuesday morning, July 11, the Fire Department is sharing
some useful tips on fire prevention and control.

Corporal Marline Carr-Henry says that households and businesses
should ensure they are equipped with fire extinguishers and smoke
alarms, which are very important tools to have in their possession.
She explains that the extinguisher helps to mitigate the spread of a
small blaze before it gets out of control, while the smoke alarm is an
early-warning signal that alerts persons to vacate a property and
prevent injury. 

Having clean surroundings is also important, the corporal says,
while leaving pots unattended on the stove is a no-no, since that can
lead to a fire.

She notes that waiting until something happens and then running
about in a panicked state is not the best thing. Hence, Carr-Henry
recommends that families and businesses have an action plan to
mitigate against severe losses.

According to the fire officer, everyone in the household or company
should be aware of the action plan, so they know what is required of
them and what should be done during a fire.