Symister warns SMS voters not to become complacent because of Simon’s earlier victories, since by-election is yet to be won

Kelvin “Shugy ” Simon’s court victories and his previous convincing
win in the St. Mary’s South constituency should not lull voters into
complacency, warns Leon Chaku Symister, the United Progressive
Party (UPP) spokesperson on legal matters.

Symister says that Simon’s 199-vote margin of victory on January 18
does not mean he has already won the upcoming by-election; so the
Party will be working twice as hard to ensure that he is successful at
the polls.

However, he adds, the UPP is also confident that Simon will win by a
much larger margin this time around. 

To ensure this, the Party spokesperson says that work in the
constituency has already begun. 

Meanwhile, Symister believes there could very well be another by-
election around the corner. Further, he says there might be an
unprecedented instance in which the country goes to a second
General Election within a 12-month period. 

In the meantime, Symister says, the UPP is counting down the days
by which the election must be held, which, at this time, are fewer
than 95.