Pringle willing to lead vote of no confidence against Sir Gerald if he fails to apologise to the Nation for ‘resignation’ blunder

Jamale Pringle, leader of the Opposition and parliamentary
representative for All Saints East and St. Luke, is willing to move a
vote of no confidence against the Speaker of the House, Sir Gerald
Watt, K.C.

Pringle’s position is prompted by what many view as the Speaker’s
partisan decisions, including his initial refusal of former MP Kelvin
“Shugy” Simon’s resignation.  

Sir Gerald has since recanted and acknowledged the resignation, in
keeping with the Constitution of Antigua and Barbuda.
However, at a rally in Bolans on Thursday night, July 6, Pringle
called on the Speaker to issue a public apology to the Nation for
almost causing a constitutional crisis.

If Sir Gerald fails to apologize, Pringle adds, then he and his
colleagues on the Opposition bench are prepared to move a motion
of no confidence against him.

Meanwhile, speaking for the first time on the ejection of St. Peter MP
Asot Michael and his subsequent three-sitting suspension from the
Lower House, Pringle gave qualified support to MP Michael. 

The opposition leader says that Watt’s treatment of Michael was not
in keeping with the fairness expected of the Speaker. 

Pringle recalls that the members for St. John’s City South and City
West were taunting MP Michael even after the Speaker’s warning to
the House; but Sir Gerald said nothing – choosing, instead, to
penalize Michael for responding.

The St. Peter MP has since filed a court challenge to his
suspension, and the Speaker has responded – on the radio station
affiliated with the prime minister – by declaring that the matter will
go nowhere.