Lands Minister reports that fencing at Sir Novelle is complete and warns that plots unpaid for will be reassigned by June 1

Finally, following industrial action by the Teachers Union at the start of the third school term, the fencing of the Sir Novelle Richards Academy, which began in April after the Easter vacation, has been completed. 

The absence of a fence at this and another school, along with related safety issues, had been among teachers’ grievances.   

Minister of Public Works Maria Browne is reporting that, with the fencing of the Potters compound completed, Pares Secondary School is next to be fenced. 

The Government says that fencing both schools amounts to $80,000, each, which is inclusive of material and labour.

It was noted that National Housing had advanced the resources to satisfy the demand of the Teachers Union and have the projects completed in a timely manner. 

Meanwhile, Browne says the Lands Division, which falls under her ambit, is seeking to collect money that is owed to it.  To this end, lands that were assigned long ago – but on which payment is owed – are about to be reassigned to other citizens who wish to own a piece, she says.

This reassignment of lands, she notes, will likely take place by June 1 – unless those in arrears make good on the outstanding payments.