ALP billboard in St. Mary’s South partly uprooted; kept off vehicles and pedestrians by utility wires

The apparent shoddy erection of an Antigua Labour Party (ALP) billboard was nearly the cause of injury to pedestrians and motorists alike, after it partially toppled, leaning over into the roadway.
The massive billboard, which was recently erected next to the ALP branch office in Bolans, came loose from the soil, since, reportedly, it was not properly planted. And it appeared to be the power lines that prevented the structure from falling flat onto the road.
A photo in circulation shows the brightly painted billboard hanging over the main road, and resting on the electric lines, as vehicle traverse the road.
“If it did not get hooked in the power lines, it could have fallen on a moving car; or, if someone was walking on the sidewalk at the same time, it could have fallen on them,” a woman says.
The fact that it got caught in the power lines also created a danger, in and of itself, the woman adds.
As the Labour Party seeks to secure spots to place its billboards, the resident says it appears the work is being done in a hurry. She claims that the sign does not seem to have been nailed properly either.