UPP’s ‘Small Business Pull-up’ joins St. Paul’s Farmer’s Market for special Independence edition tomorrow, Thursday

The United Progressive Party’s “Small Business Pull-up” will be traveling to St. Paul this week; however, instead of the usual Saturday outing, it will take place tomorrow, Thursday, October 27.
The change this week is to coincide with the monthly “St. Paul’s Community Farmer’s Market,” an event that is held on the last Thursday of every month.
Dr. Cleon Athill, the UPP Candidate for the constituency, is excited to welcome the 10th edition of the “Pull-up” to the 19th edition of the Farmer’s Market, which runs from 6 a.m. until 6 p.m.

This special production is on the community’s calendar as part of the 41st Independence celebrations.

Dr. Athill believes that combining these two community-based events can highlight the important role that small businesses play in driving the economy. It also serves to promote the culture, connections and pride of the community. 
She notes that vendors will also benefit from new patrons and additional exposure.
The “Small Business Pull-up” will join the Farmer’s Market at about midday. There will be a wide range of items on sale, Athill says, and she hopes the Pull-up will bring more people to participate and support the event.
Dr. Athill, a well-known community organizer, will conduct a “walk through” of the Farmer’s Market with UPP Political Leader Harold Lovell and Executive members between 2 and 4 p.m.
As the country gets set to celebrate its Independence next Tuesday, the UPP says residents should focus on strengthening small businesses, since they symbolize hope and strength in the community. However, and unfortunately, many are struggling in a difficult economy.
More than 30 community small businesses will be represented at Thursday’s Market.