Gov’t should do more to help farmers improve food security and to assist low-income families, says Senator Alex Browne

United Progressive Party (UPP) Senator Alex Browne wants the Government to do more for local farmers – not only to decrease the country’s import bill, but to make it more cost effective for residents to purchase food, especially fruits and vegetables.

During his maiden presentation in the Senate on Tuesday, March 21, Browne said the country needs to stop importing produce that can be grown here, and he chided the Government for not putting in place the mechanisms to help farmers ensure greater food security.

Senator Browne notes that they are still crying out for assistance, since no real subsidies have been offered to help to ease their burden – not even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, Browne says that more can be done to reduce the price of food for residents in the lower-income bracket, and he points the Administration to the UPP’s manifesto, from which a number of initiatives can be utilized.

He acknowledges that inflation and the attendant rise in the cost of living will not improve immediately; therefore, he says, everything should be done to assist those who are most vulnerable.