Simon sees the need for Round South fisherman’s cooperative and says he will invest in establishing such an entity

Noting the importance of the fisheries industry to the development
of the Southside, Kelvin “Shugy” Simon, the United Progressive Party
(UPP) candidate for St. Mary’s South, plans on investing in a
Fisherman’s Cooperative in that area.

Simon says he has been working along with the fishermen in the
Urlings/Bolans area to create such a cooperative. He says he has
realized that, often, persons are not as organized as they should be,
and this becomes obvious only in cases of emergency.

Accordingly, since fishermen put their safety and lives at risk, daily,
establishing such an entity would assist them greatly in times of

Meanwhile, speaking specifically to incidents in which two
fishermen developed decompression sickness and had to be flown
out to Guadeloupe for treatment, Simon says that treatment could
have been administered right here if the hospital’s hyperbaric
chamber had been functioning.

That machine was donated to the Mount St. John Medical Centre, in
2018, by the Calvin Ayre Foundation, but has been out of operation
for quite some time.