Shugy details progress of his campaign and thanks SMS voters for their confidence in him, saying they will do it again

As the United Progressive Party (UPP) gets set for another round of
canvassing in the St. Mary’s South, its candidate, former MP Kelvin
“Shugy” Simon, is expressing thanks to the constituents for their
continued support.
Since Simon’s resignation from the House of Representatives on
June 7, he and his team have been out and about in the constituency
– staying in touch with the people by way of a town-hall meeting, a
rally, pull-up excursions, and weekly canvassing exercises.
Members of the Party will be in the constituency this afternoon,
Thursday, August 17, interacting with the people, whom Simon
refers to as “family.”
Meanwhile, the UPP candidate, once again, is expressing
appreciation to the constituents for having the confidence to elect
him in January, despite his late entry into the political race.

He is confident that they will continue to have faith in his ability to
defend them and to enhance the community – even though he is not
a government minister.
In re-stating his plans for St. Mary’s South, Simon commits to
providing as many opportunities as possible for constituents,
especially the youth.