Juvenile Justice Board confers on teenaged murder-accused, who is remanded to prison since there are no other facilities

The 16-year-old boy charged with the murder of Syrian businessman Roudi Shmaly has been placed on remand. 

Reportedly, the teenager is now being held at His Majesty’s Prison, since there are no other suitable facilities to house juvenile offenders.

In keeping with the law, the Juvenile Justice Board – which reportedly dealt with the matter on Thursday, May 25 – can place a child who is14 years and over and charged with a capital offence to be detained at the prison.  

This decision would be taken if the Board believes there is a substantial risk that the child will cause harm to other children in a safe-house or a secure residential facility.  

However, once remanded, the accused minor must be separated from adult inmates.

The youth reportedly returns to court on June 5.