Supervisor Hughes gives a run through of preparations and processes in place for today’s vote

Supervisor of Elections Ian Hughes is reassuring voters in St. Mary’s
South that everything is ready for the by-election today, Tuesday,
October 24.
Hughes admits that, just like many others, he was fearful that
Hurricane Tammy would have caused the poll to be postponed.
However, thanks to God’s mercy, he says, the storm passed without
causing any major destruction and the by-election is set to take
place as scheduled.
Hughes was expected to meet with some of ABEC’s suppliers in the
constituency on Monday morning,

October 23, to ensure that a back-up system the Commission had
requested to deal with any electrical failures is still in place.
In addition, he says that everything is being done to ensure that
eligible voters are not disenfranchised, including setting up ramps
for disabled persons.

Through the Returning Officer, contact has been made with the by-
election day workers, Hughes says, and they are ready and raring to
Meanwhile, the Supervisor says that ballot papers, ink, ballot boxes,
and all the other paraphernalia required on the by-election day have
been in place since last Thursday.
He is advising that persons pay keen attention to the voting process
and check that ballots bear the visible imprint of the official seal.

In the meantime, those persons who required replacement voter-
identification cards had the opportunity to collect them at ABEC’s
Queen Elizabeth Highway headquarters on Monday.

Those who were unable to obtain a card on Monday still can do so
on Tuesday, By-election Day, before the polls close at 6 p.m., Hughes
He says the Commission cannot disenfranchise anyone from casting
their ballots; therefore, the law provides for these special cards to be
Additionally, the Registration Officer, along with her clerk, was at
the Bolans and Urlings Primary Schools on Monday with new
uncollected voter cards for those new registrants who were unable
to collect them.