Malicious damage, break-ins and larceny at downtown businesses keep Police occupied with investigations

Several cases of malicious damage, building break-in, and larceny are being investigated, as unknown persons hit a number of businesses in town, including Digicel once again.

Reports are that the front entrance door at Digicel’s Market and Redcliffe Street branch was damaged on Tuesday, September 13, at about 2 a.m.

Officers were reportedly on mobile patrol duty in St. John’s when a female corporal heard the alarm at the Digicel store going off. 

Officers went to investigate and observed that the glass door was shattered and several pieces of concrete blocks were outside the door.

Further reports are that officers from Special Security Services later arrived on the scene and attempted to make contact with management, but were unsuccessful.

A 22-year-old suspect from Old Road was later apprehended by officers from the security firm and handed over to the Police. He was detained for questioning.

This is the second incident in weeks in which the mobile and Internet service provider has been vandalized.

On the last occasion, a man was seen kicking in the glass door, entering and stealing a number of cellular phones, three of which were recovered at the prison.

In a similar unrelated incident, a guard from Special Security Services made a report to the Criminal Investigations Department of some unknown person breaking the glass at AG Morgan Men’s Collection on Redcliffe Street. 

Reportedly, the perpetrator used a concrete block, which landed in the middle of the store, to break an eastern window.

The Pares Village owner reportedly had secured his business at about 5 p.m. on Tuesday (September 13) and left the store. Reports are that the incident occurred shortly before 6 p.m.

In the meantime, the Mobay Barber Shop, located on High Street was the target of thieves, who stole money, among other items. Additionally, a quantity of Rude Boy, Guinness, Red Bull and Ginseng were taken from a refrigerator.