Hearing of Burton-George’s application for injunction against Barbuda Council adjourned – twice – to new date in June

The case against the Barbuda Council that was brought by Kelcina Burton-George, owner of the Barbuda Cottages, has been adjourned to June.

Councilman John Mussington reports that the application for Burton-George’s injunction was set to be heard in the High Court last Friday, May 19, but was adjourned to Monday, May 22.

However, when the matter came up again this week, it was adjourned yet again.

He is hoping that, at the next date, June 22, the claimant’s lawyers will be ready, since the Council is ready to defend its decision.

The Barbudan businesswoman has applied for an injunction to prevent the Council from trespassing on lands she reportedly has leased.

About two weeks ago, the Barbuda Council authorized a backhoe operator to remove a barrier, trees and other structures that reportedly had been blocking Barbudans’ access to the Coral Group Beach.

The Barbuda Cottages owner reportedly had erected these barriers to protect the property and its privacy. It is alleged that the developer has been laying claim to the beach, saying that her lease includes the seafront.

But, in an earlier interview, Mussington said the beach has been used by Barbudans and visitors alike for decades, and there was a road that provided access.

He asserted that the coastal road has never been abandoned, and is in active use; but the barriers were preventing the disabled and other persons from easy access, forcing them to walk quite a distance to enjoy the beach.

Burton-George, meanwhile, is claiming that the Council’s letter of Notice – informing her of its intentions to clear the path – was delivered to her only after the task had been completed.

Reportedly, she was granted a lease in 2013 by the Council, and, in 2021, another lease by the Central Government.