Dead man found in damaged vehicle in what appears to be ninth homicide this year; cause of death believed to be shooting

An investigation has been launched into what is believed to be the
country’s ninth homicide for 2023.
According to reports, the lifeless body of a man, clad in dark shorts
and a red-and-white T-shirt, was found inside a white vehicle with
the licence plate A 27771. The man appears to have been shot to
Reportedly the vehicle bears evidence of bullets having been fired,
as well as damage to its front end, where the hood is dented, while
the rear bumper is also ripped off. The car also has scratches all
over it.

The damage to the front might have been caused by the victim
driving through a fence in the vicinity of the T.N. Kirnon School on
Old Parham Road, and ending up against a vendor’s booth nearby.
It is assumed that the man was trying to get away from his
assailants, as his right leg was on the driver’s seat while his body lay
slumped on the passenger side, with his head tilted toward the floor
of the vehicle.
The passenger door was open, with a portion of it showing damage,
while a cell phone appeared to have been placed on the dead man’s
Onlookers who happened upon the crime scene speculated that the
man could have been shot elsewhere and was fleeing; but since he
could drive no farther he ran off the road and into the fence.
In a video that has gone viral, a woman is heard saying she saw the
vehicle early this morning, November 2, and thought it had been
abandoned after an accident. She said she was unaware that a dead
body was lying inside the vehicle.
Another woman went to the area to check and saw the corpse inside,
which came as a shock to the others.