Theft of a/c units from Bolans Clinic has revealed that money issues are the hold-up to opening of facility 

Investigations have been launched into the theft of all the air-
conditioning units from the Bolans Clinic – even as information
emerges that the official handover of the building is mired in

A source tells REAL News that the units were removed from the
building on Friday night, July 28.

According to the source, prior to what he called “the sham handover
ceremony” earlier this year, the building was found to have some

The whistleblower, who is close to the Ministry of Health, says the
ceremony was conducted to imply that the facility would be opened
shortly after; but, at that time, there was nothing inside the

Now, the source says, the Ministry has run into a challenge in terms
of getting the keys to the building from the private contractor – who,
reportedly, is owed a substantial amount of money.

It is alleged that the contractor has racked up a huge bill since
additional funds had to be spent for re-wiring the clinic.

Further reports are that, during construction, the premises were not
wired properly and did not meet the specifications for a medical
facility.  Therefore, the job had to be re-done, costing taxpayers an
additional $30,000.

There has been no official date set for opening the clinic, and it is
speculated that this will not occur unless the contractor receives

Meanwhile, the source says that a similar incident – in which air-
conditioning units were removed from a medical facility – took place
months ago, but was not made public. 

Reportedly, thieves removed the units from the Sir Cuthwin Lake
Medical Centre located on Nugent Avenue. 

That centre was refurbished during the COVID-19 pandemic in
order to ease the pressure on the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre, but
has never been used.

According to the source, it appears that the Government has not
learned its lesson, since neither location has either cameras or
security officers in place. 

In the meantime, the All Saints Clinic remains closed due to leaks
caused by its air-conditioning units, which have created mold and
other air-quality issues. 

As a result, the dental equipment that was located there was
removed and taken to the Bolans Clinic, according to the source.  
Meanwhile, reports say there are similar situations with leaks at the
Clare Hall and Browne’s Avenue clinics.

The source says that Government was advised to use units other
than the type currently in use, and to maintain them on a regular
basis; however, that was not done.