Sprint or marathon, Lovell declares that the Opposition will be ready for General Elections

As the United Progressive Party (UPP) accelerates its plans to contest early General Elections, its Political Leader fielded questions at the launch of the Party’s new campaign website, logo and tagline on Wednesday.

Lovell was asked about the UPP’s engagement with young people and what the public could expect to see in this campaign that would be specific to the youth.

The Political Leader, who is also the Party’s Candidate for St. John’s City East, categorically states that the slate has prepared in such a way that there is no fear of burn-out.

He says the Candidates are very much aware that the electoral system is one in which a snap election, or early elections, can be called; and so, as a party, it is their duty to be prepared.

Reiterating what the Deputy Leader, MP Jamale Pringle, said last week, Lovell declares that – no matter the distance of the elections or the Labour Party’s shenanigans – the UPP will be equal to the task.

As expected, the topic of COVID-19 and the disenfranchisement of infected Barbadians came up.  Lovell noted that the management of the disease and how it might affect local elections was addressed in a panel discussion a week ago.  

If a government decides to go to the polls early, he says, it has a duty to make arrangements that will enable all eligible persons to cast their vote.

The UPP Leader points out that Antigua and Barbuda is not the only country to be going into elections in the COVID era.  He references several Latin American countries where infected voters were directed to the polls within the last hour before they closed, whereas other persons voted earlier in the day.