Former staff protest as AMP appeals their Industrial Court victory; union says money-power being used to delay payment

Former security officers of the Antigua Masonry Products (AMP) are frustrated that, after winning their case at the Industrial Court earlier this year, the company has decided to appeal the ruling.

The court had ruled in favour of the employees, supporting the claim by their representative, the Antigua and Barbuda Free Trade Union, that they had been unfairly dismissed.

The five workers staged a picket outside the AMP headquarters today, June 28, calling for their money – which, they say, the business is well able to pay – and for the company to abide by the court’s ruling.

It appears that employers are taking advantage of the court system in an attempt to frustrate workers, Samuel James, President of the Union says.

He notes that business owners are using their money-power to keep workers under siege by appealing to the higher courts in an effort to drag out the matter.

James says this situation, in which the AMP is refusing to honour the court’s judgment, is not the only matter of this nature he has had to deal with.