Golden Grove home broken into and two female occupants robbed of their jewellery by masked intruder

Another case of robbery is being investigated by the Police after a woman and her daughter were relieved of their jewellery during a break-in.

Reports say that a masked intruder broke into the Golden Grove home on June 24, at about 3:10 a.m., and stole a gold watch and necklace from the woman and another gold chain from her teenaged daughter.

Further reports are that the woman became aware of the presence of the intruder after she was awakened by the sound of her room door being locked.

After becoming fully awake, she was accosted by the masked man who reportedly ordered her not to make any noise.

He then reportedly woke her daughter and demanded that the two females hand over the jewellery they were wearing.

The robber then grabbed the goods and made good his escape.